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When you pay attention to your house, it seems to pay you back with that cozy feelig that you get when you come back from work. Nothing spells "smell of a house" more than a scent of a freshly washed cotton linen, home-made dinner, and that unique scent that only pertains to your family. The last kind of smell you want to feel when you enter your house is a smell of dust on your furniture and a full garbage can. Yuk! So here are some tips on how to keep your home smelling fresh and clean. 

1. Soda+ lemon juice

This combintion does wonders. If you wash and scrub your kitchen floors with this solution, your kitchen will smell as fresh as a fruit farm stand on the summer day. 

2. DYI Garbage Disposal Refreshers

Ohh... that sink has seen some action... And now it keeps memories of all the dishes that you have been preping for in the last couple of weeks. 

You may say that it's okay - I buy those refreshers all the time and they seem to work... for a day or two. 

Well, here is another solution: 

3/4 cups of baking soda

1/2 cup salt

1/2 teaspoon liquid dish soap

1 lemon 

sheet pan

parchament paper

small spoon or scoop

sealable glass jar 

Add all mixable ingredients into a mixing bowl and stirr well until the mix has no lumps

Then grate lemon peel and add liquid dish soap (you ca also use range peel for those purposes if you want to mix things up) 

Slice lemon in haalf and squeeze juice into the mixture. Continue squieezing until the mixture resembles sand. 

Take scoop and start forming little balls and place them on the backing sheet with the paper on it. 

Let it dry overnight. 

Place those things in to the jar. 

3. Smell of essential oils. 

These are the best! If you want to calm - use lavender. If you want to wake up and feel energized - use orange. There are so many mix and match options - you will have to find what works for you. 

4. Regular cleaning

All those tricks are fun and games, but the bottom line is that if your house is dirty there is nothing that will mask that smell. So... the solution is simple, yet donauting - clean your house! Turn that music on, change your pants, put rubber gloves on and get to work! You will surely feel rewarded afterwards!

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23 July 2019

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